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Listen: "To stay undefeated against Doc Rivers team Clippers were down by sixteen at one point"

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But you know I dunno twenty thirty lapse in I turned to one of my car do it again it Let's go we went home we Joe back to my place in jersey and we watch the into the race my couch and like just not for me I mean and that's OK. that doesn't mean that I'm not getting into with the NASCAR guy is wrong around wrong I mean it's just I don't know it's funny how it gets people riled I tried it I can see why people like it if the races were twenty five laps by the will be great right there too long for fifty one come on play so maybe there's not enough pit stops in there so that's why they have to be longer I don't know what it's not for me and I did give it a try most people I know who don't like it won't even bother at least given a shot first eight five five two one two four CBS as the club's won't be a pair of the show I love when people bring job and to sports because you do love it really toward sarcasm because I the top has more point these to worry about it's well his main was brought up again on Saturday and you won't bullied by Hill on the first the latest sports Update <silence> back with L.A. stuff trending stories entre West revert on the Beast nine eighty Clippers make it interesting in the final seconds but the Warriors are able to escape the Staples Center with their third win of the series only here to stay undefeated against Doc Rivers team Clippers were down by sixteen and one point in the fourth quarter urias rallied with at least one fifteen one twelve they got it down to three with five seconds left afterward Golden State turnover with was twelve of thirty six and nineteen with the law with sixteen points in twenty one rebounds on the night was all twenty four points for the Clippers along with seven assists Klay Thompson led the Warriors and the game with thirty two points of next for the Clippers Monday at home against the Suns and seven thirty Lakers and Spurs Friday night Spurs winning one nineteen one thirteen as well below its for twenty five points in the last time he faced Tim Duncan Gregg Popovich him his first Byron Scott after the game said despite the results the effort has been there one thing that I haven't heard were both Los through four weeks to remove pro league longer the truth they're playing scared says he has been impressed in Julius Randle's emergence Randle with eleven points and fifteen rebounds in the loss continues to grow Gosewisch before the game or something the toll controllable before also breaking a couple days after a new continues is cool Leafs totals doesn't others love being around because of refer to these who started really understand this is all about today on the road against the Bulls tip-off at five in a joking snapped a three-game skid winning on the road against the Predators meanwhile looking for their fifth win in a row hosting the Flames.