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Listen: "If you're a season ticket holder to an NFL team, and you're asked to stop saying crude statements"

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Of of focusing on the wrong a where they're going to make a big deal about something that not instead the Bigger term for the look you know and Adam yes that situation where I mean there's no world if you're a season ticket holder to one NFL team in your ass the up and Moodie crude statements if you're if you're worn morning two or three times you're going to lose sure you're you're seeking tickets in that there was a situational though gotcha the Jets that or stating you know show if you're a cure you're you're your chest those guys all the guys that they can identify the which he can ticket holders the majority of them lost their seats so you know this this winter unfortunately unfortunately there are focused in on the wrong comment but at the same time to maybe it'll get to the point where alluding crude stuff maybe look at and dealt with proper a sucked unlike in Cambridge she was on his mind Mike querrey I just want to bring up the fact.