NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell On The Future Of The Oakland Raiders

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Michael urban in our number three and we woke up Michael urban which a piece move was the rich wasn't show media correspondent last night so pray for me on that segment that our number three of what we're pleased to be joined right now by and it will be a attending the TED Superbowl of his commissioner share is the Superbowl number ten since he took over you know we're trying to keep her teens where they are you know, any relocation that we we lost the same voice market this year well the Rams are going home, fortunately against and made a some are now going to put in two thousand sixteen, arm, the Chargers in the San Diego and the market is yesterday in indicated, are you that he wanted to play the two thousand sixteen in an open he wants to get all the information and in the bay area Mayo market and so, I think this is a positive thing a positive thing for fans we just have to work to try to get the fourth term stadium solutions for the team ago and open but that teams are going to have to step up the league is going up to step my community, find real solutions during the relocation prices