Not Just In The Movies: Kickboxer Don 'The Dragon' Wilson On Real Martial Artists

Unlike most action film actors who act tough on screen, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, who plays in the new movie "The Martial Arts Kid" is a real Martial Arts Hall of Famer and a professional kickboxing world champion. He discusses how the skills of martial arts can help teach youngsters some important life lessons.

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"Chuck Norris and I are the only ones really staring in movies who are world famous international competitors in the martial arts before we ever did our first line of dialogue"

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When you think of martial arts you think of some notable names out there and you though, you know there's a difference between you and those other names, I mean you've actually competed, you do these things, you've done the actual competition, a lot of these other actors haven't gone there but they're known for martial arts, is that correct? - Yes, I don't want to say that they haven't done it, they have done little competitions, but Chuck Norris and I are the only ones really staring in movies who are world famous international competitors in the martial arts before we ever did our first line of dialogue, whereas there many stars that I have much respect for that actually never competed, Jackie Chan...Jet Li did do wooshoo which was not fighting to the knock out like I did, but yeah it's nothing to be derogate, we don't know if Clint Eastwood can shoot a gun, he's not an expert marcher but he can fake it in the movies. By the way I'm a big Clint Eastwood fan so I'm saying you don't have to be able to shoot a gun to be an action star but there is a certain kind of I think, a different fan base to be real people, people who really performed in the marital arts and whether Bruce Lee competed or not is not the question, everybody could see his talent, even the champions of his day just did a demonstration so we respect that in the martial arts and I think that's one of the things that helped me and Chuck be successful. - Now in this film you are the one that actually teaches the young man you know how to become a martial artist and more of the honor behind it and the philosophy behind it against the other, TJ Storm, who's played by TJ storm, yes exactly the bully, who's like you must kill and or be killed, so you know for those that are interested, maybe they're young or maybe they're you know they've always wanted to know marital arts, what's you advice to them? - First of all martial arts is not a violent activity, in matter of fact it teaches you against violence, and it has an aura of what we're teaching kids to punch and kick, you know we're going to have dry-- punching, you know, and you don't have that, you don't have martial artists, because before you reach any level of skill, you learn discipline, respect, you know focused attention, there's many life lessons that lead you away from a life of crime and disrespect and you know, the negative aspects of today's school systems, martial arts is a big major force against that trend of bullying.