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Listen: "Now we have Trey on Tom Brady"

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Maddie Meyer
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Trey have as I did try to hire him Manning out there trying to hire man yeah yeah that's the part video the Mecca now we have Trey on Tom Brady don't we sausage believes Tom Brady told someone to take a panel of football trade when it comes down to it I don't know what I believed to be perfectly honest because my had a swimming and all the other guy spot for the bottom line for me is that I find it hard to believe if there were football to play to say it happened one time in they just happen to do with the AFC Championship Game and beat these two guys just reps gimmick now is that you know a lot a few provided without Bell so he can be objective and an Olympic gold maybe ten way I guess I'm taking a picture with the train in The and caught broke right I just want to say tags thanks thanks for taking batters.