Listen: "Cavaliers over the Hawks" 

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Kevin C. Cox
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Which player home ice might interest in the playoffs it's been for definitely decline as of Friday night of the around town acquire will say just one game in the NBA Playoffs that it was a no contest Cavaliers all over the Hawks Warren twenty-three on the eighth to go on two games to none Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue looked on it as his teammate twenty-five three quarters most ever in any NBA game regular season or playoff out of the It was not a chasing you know we started chase that three point shot but you know is beautiful to watch I thought we made the right play we've made the right passed the ball moved and guys got their shots It was a couple questions at elite last in the fourth quarter but you know for the most part you know about the guys did a great job of moving the basketball hit an open guy and we may shots tonight cavaliers hate eighteen three pointers in the first half of Ryan James twenty-seven points the Cavs love this game buys many as forty one elsewhere in the NBA given announcing Chris Bosh will not return during the playoffs as he continues to battle a blood clot related condition down to the Stanley Cup playoffs the Penguins robot of Puerto stranglehold on their series with the Caps he was trotted to an overtime back to do much better points on the night sniper tear you've never nicely throw it back Atlantic and opposite wicket.