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'Dentist to the Stars' Dr. Rudy Saldamando Recalls His Experience As A Naval Dental Officer During Vietnam War

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I was, log into your of combat, and so so volunteered for a dude, or, it's hard to meet goals, it was a time when President its and was Turner because for the honor in, we got a dumb to seize first so my Del was in the, notes the Missouri on material him aside this is for us as Ranger and talked a goal from we saw Darcis for a during during the service I would be doing a few it turns flying awesome to those who serve troops another, another Simpson and we had a few mishaps on the uss renter a night, would be treating none especially run when engine room blew up from would be, trading on an Burns will be undetected into the man oh arson, his rib during off touching goals, flying a little bit of three two on, vaulted spiritual to the over over their two overtime treatments, but I sit on for a while after words and in reserves and then, as a due for one of the builder practice or headed to two known on a good in the new uniforms is five years old so it years and they've lobster, all those other things you do it as it fine, volunteered for five years to grow would see, helping them, especially with two two two stuff a lot is Russian upset yeah so it was very important for me, and also realize of veterans like to hear from veteran suspension did not yes, a decisive of someone says thank you for a service, I bristled back because we didn't get that, we just were spelled out we couldn't where uniforms off of their base services the way it is, and so holder for deal today yet was a said time in our history and I know I I said thank you for your service but I I also won on an respects you know your feelings that way because I know sometimes it as hard for the other veterans that we work with made a lot of people listen to show that a veterans it or active military what would be more insight or your word of, inspiration to them, thank God for three of those will learn to put their lives on the line I know it's only one percent of the population, but that's enough, and the story clear that as long as a mission, regards, those who are willing to The Warriors to protect on three those, and we have a chance to continue the moment today but we disregard or warrior clubhouse or fighting class the matter what that causes we're doing our duties to protect our freedom Ste, and we have a chance you know you mentioned in Malibu about the warrior, to me it gave you're talking about it now that you gave me a different description of that The Warriors mains because I'm not really all about war to be honest with you I Nevers of the publicly but I'm not about war, but I'm here to two in power, The Warriors to honor and respect their choices to defend us, so there's been conducting more is totally different and in order Warriors wonderful is willing to follow orders to protect free dones, of what they love, in the Society that there's choose to lift and the Warrior Closer those who are willing to be at any moment said into action under orders, to protect those freedoms were not politicians Renaud policy makers, we're not the ones with Franks would allow Swanson on the front line, this is you're given their orders two, hole that Hill, take, , but of turd toward or maintained a piece here would have you but it sounds used to doing that shots, but it is a warrior clots, it's different than being okay we're gonna be wore markers were not were markers we're willing to take a arms and to protect our freedom, because we've chosen that it is important to us in our society, that includes of someone wants to words are flag is underwear and Bernard in front of us we've chosen that we you can have that right, because we're protecting our freedoms, it was because of those who have served that those freedoms exist,