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Listen: "Super Bowl... that means he'll never win it"

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Doug Pensinger
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To a Super Bowl for missed the store's means he'll never win it yeah that's true number one Daytona five than it is added poke yeah that's all I got feet after right OK alright very good we'll talk to you next our Speaking of might be sadly we were saying that he was walking around doing interviews yesterday and the day before he ran into Rodney Harrison and former Patriots and of course on now on Football Night America on NBC and his wife as a major crush earned Rodney Harrison so we talk to Rodney about that but the academy out here is is Mike swipe is also a Steelers fan so he went up to a former Steeler and talk to this former Steeler balance that Ryan Man Christ thing whatever was going on and it with that of course was I. Taylor we've had on the show so let's see what I thinks about a Steeler fan and Mike swipe having across shown a former Patriots player alright I can are you doing today i'm doing really awesome so my wife is from I'm not Lebanon which is in Pittsburgh you probably know that executive this year and she is a diehard Steelers fan her whole life she's got Jerome Bettis but photos on honor wallets really cool 'Okay now she has a super crush on a Patriot Rodney Harrison like she would have sex with them but he's a Patriot as a former Steeler and the a Super Bowl champion how does that make you feel you got a bit to tell me to kick my wife out of out of the bed put on Tom out well like it was really great talking with yet um and have an awesome de kicker out there put are in tama o cable put or into said ounce fun to stand in the corner full like our I don't know move into your gear rare to talk to your okay Jessica have your listening Ike says get out noticed put in a corner or go in the corner a lot in the corner take care of your too that you to was him making fun of Mike does that's what I was standing there when this is happening in he did he impersonator my with you have to think that's going to be a dead and I'm a Bouma and there was a security guard behind as females security guard who could not get enough that interview at the end <silence> it's quite Illinois you know why one was the center Rodney Harrison is it's funny yes it the she was followed through with no no no no no no you so even though he can't be on I know that find out know what's your you may be relate as you can go you Rodney that's a lot better than actually having relate with a right knee I think he would sign up for that <silence> you do Jeff the only.