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Listen: "Texas Chainsaw Three, that was a game changer for me"

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You know abs and that's all but all across the board but yeah there's the villain so the most fun you've got and is there's more to them usually you know the deeper the darker you can play a villain that has a little bit of a likable side or upside that you can understand and then they go a little bit too much you know Jimmy one of your personal favorites one of the personal favorite roles that you've played that that for you with you at the show off your family look at look at this role with Weller that big oh I I can tell you the top three right off right off the bat of course that has to be Texas James three that was a game changer or make then fast forward to two thousand and ten I did a movie call Catcher to do we're It was probably my biggest would be no role on Matt ever and then my new movie this coming out but or a comedy called smothered I have they let me just me I guess can gradually you when asked how rare that a series can last this long there's so many copycat kind of shows out there and hit you are going into what is is that eleven twelve how far along the you know a lead then it season alive and his but man a crazy wow so when you first when you like fourteen and I ever I don't like it was twelve years old the first episode that I get was wearing a pink play third something like that yeah I know I've had grown out by yeah I get it he led the al with a that we've been ahead but a lawyer and we're lucky I like in every though taken well when you get into Cilic this obviously you dream that alas for wow I mean you you coming back to him so now I mean did you ever have the idea because there are so many shows like this out there and NCIS series at all did you ever have any idea that this one would make it and the other half of the question why wise criminal mine still there and doing well but that you know you never know you never know what's going then with it the audience you you could complain that you think it there but that they knew never reading your life and it that we did make up I live that was the fact that the money when we were out Photoshop or any words it very happy how the brave.