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Listen: "Here's Ian Rapoport from the NFL network"

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Gregory Shamus
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All I do love rumors I do love rumors reports rumors speculation we got one more piece cue the news of the youngster compared to Hasselbeck and Manning for sure how a cap or neck when news broke over the weekend that his agents are asking for a trade from the Niners and he doesn't want to be there anymore whatever the reason is maybe if Chip Kelly may be the way was treated doesn't bigger relationship can be repaired thank you to be happy somewhere out and then there was this talk that the Texans and Browns might be interested here's Ian Rapoport amenable network there's been no granting of permission yet for Cabernet can has aged to be able to seek a trade however if this did happened there are a couple teams I'm told who would be interested what is the Houston Texans who had on nine different quarterbacks over the last two years he would help them solidify the spot and the other is the Cleveland Browns that the number two pick and of course are considering taking one of those quarterbacks you just discussed but that's been refuted by other reported Pro Football Talk different report coming out of Cleveland and Houston and also Jed York can felled doesn't sound like he is inclined Q Grant kap predicted trade or two Grant and the permission to think that trade so to speak his quote I haven't talk to these people I try to stay away from what the agent they know what are feeling is we want kap to be healthy we'd like to see tap here again I'm considering what teams to wonder last year with starting quarterbacks in an backup quarterbacks whether it's Blaine Gabbert whether it's common cap or Nick have a backup with starting experience whoever it is it a luxury that align team committed fell just don't have especially the kind of experience and success the Cabernet KAT in the past now we know didn't get back to that point mentally there's a lot there that he's got to deal with but maybe Chip Kelly changes things like the culture there with the Niners at a already always Reagan body on Twitter will get not your phone.