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Listen: "Clippers guards Chris Paul playing well fourteen points also has sixteen assists"

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Joe Robbins
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Thanks to the middle of back there in Los Angeles when you go for sports but these the Navy as the West is one sixty eight one forty nine now in the fourth quarter of Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has ten points on for nine from the Clippers guards Chris Paul playing well fourteen points also a sixteen a says in a double double Weber this is led by the Pacers Paul George years thirty two points LeBron James also scored in double digits as well shooting over fifty percent but given the game the Lakers with the snap a three-game losing streak they come out of the break to take on the Spurs the Lakers are eleven forty four on your currently sitting in the Pacific the Clippers at thirty five in eighteen of the All-Star break later on in the Clippers defer to have him back to the Warriors there's a college basketball USC falls the Arizona eighty six to eighty from Tucson Trojans guard for Mike Hoffman scored fifteen points on swept the rebound in a game they Jordan's shot forty two percent before the Wildcats eighty fifty percent clip Arizona guard did your scored seventeen points on six of fifteen shooting Arizona battle forty to thirty nine of the night as us he moved to eighteen in six of the got Colorado of next year's away doubles Arizona seventy eight sixty five sophomore drilled a bold medically by sixteen points in the game for the Bruins as you show a shot forty nine percent before the sun doubles thirty nine perfect start on treys by scored twenty one points off the bench for the sun Devils the Bruins won the rebounding battle thirty seven thirty four is usually moves to fourteen eleven the Utah and a Joe the Kings one of the doubles was nothing a final from the Prudential Center David slump go sport in the first period the lone goal the game on a power-play opportunity his seventh goal of the season things goalie Jonas and Rob stop seventeen shots tonight as the Kings were shut out on their only power-play opportunity the Kings moved to thirty three nineteen in three of a quick on the Capitals on Tuesday night are on the ice on Monday night to take on the Flames coming off a Saturday night win against the Blackhawks in there was an the was overtime victory in the Ducks are twenty seven ninety eight on the season they currently sit in the Pacific for with the Kings of the top and baseball Dodgers pitcher Frankie Montas undergone a ribs.