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Japanese-American WWII Vet Remembers The Sounds Of War

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 can you give us a sense maybe even before that when you're this kind of combat these kind of conditions you describe the whether a little bit for us but as far as the moment of all that and the danger that you feel yourself and and how you keep going you keep fight how you keep press and what what were those days like it just really hard to describe the world there was so bad and of course we did have winter clothing and were soaking weapon the rain. And the hills for like the wording of all these losses that think this for us to we've ever been Germans had the eighty-eight the leader at a aircraft Latin artists, hours shooting at infantry that that eighty-eight quite low fell exploding, Sheryl sounds tell me something that I've never heard duplicated in movies or anything is just a mine shattering when it came directly will while and I just, sound itself is left a lovely apart but clearly it these trees branches with come lost sometimes half of a tree with can falling weighing maybe a thousand pounds all lava guys got crushed. And the morning that I got it the twentieth of October we're gonna loans real strong attack at day break the German stall the sense that we were just the data Big Bang along the twenty segment we came why ground we Doug is this weaker and that early that longing that rides came and probably lasted twenty twenty five minutes maybe more I don't know that, maybe a hundred route just bank bank bank just continuously you we were Pendle you couldn't move we have a lot of casualties right that's that time and of course when I got what I thought I was song. I was out of it that's at Matthew it probably that's close calls before that yeah I got Linda twice in Italy and once before in France so that they weren't that bad you know that what the fight that because you say I would it was what, most people never been wooded period so you say worth that that what he me you know I just stop like a go back cast a day or two the best, last and they sat down in that they can straight still with blown whole thorough me but came eleven angles so wrapped around in my rates here. What was really painful is just we'll read it that is still and just your body just gives way just Kearl up and we can't bring isn't always share of instead remember I told them they just let me diary there, people the full morphine because when I woke up I was on a tray on later we're going to the American all still and he's on which is not too far away for surgery in a way have, i don't always survive down but guys are getting killed left and right now mostly Bieber large from a artillery are just also shattering of novel is yard chilly shall that's the tree trunks. Coming down in Italy we if you've a year Jeffy all of orchards is also sales are bear dot just France and Easter in France and all of a sudden missed huge force that we had to go