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Listen: "Getting the Twenty Sixteen Major League Baseball season underway"

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Ago with duelo college hoops here in a second that said but as we said AJ Hinch skipper the Astros the Twenty Sixteen Major League Baseball season underway the Astros to live abcess eighty eight wins eighty seven wins last year maybe the Yanks yet they were just behind the Texas Rangers I want to see maybe as eighty six but it was eighty six but they haven't had a heck of a season and AJ Hinch in his first year after what was at fourteen months with the Diamondbacks any moved up to the front office with the Padres hopefully got a shot again people considering the failure in court scratch their head we have all of last year he was trying to convince that you know they're going to be good when I go K we'll see he was right yeah yeah they're coming I think they shore up the bullpen The Kid Giles throws gas but they lost a couple power bats in their big home run lotta strikeout team but I think the division's going to better this year and now there's different expectations now alright even with career for Foles memory to come up until June eighth or July fear or go Carlos Correa yeah it was phenomenal hit a lot of home run but you're got answer your fantasy guy what know about you know it's got going and not up about home runs hit a lot of home runs last year but Cris Carter Dan first baseman no longer there is willing to look you know if they can have the run production that they had over last year there were some rumblings that really go make a push Chris Davis remember there was that that when I go where why do you think they didn't money PRAGUE I think Chris want to stay in Baltimore because sidelined again the last chance to dab rata deal the again you know they his respected in the entire process they did and he's still you know tilted or not he came back knew he was out there for a while so we'll talk to us skipper the Astros Agee Hinch next segment will preview to romp till next hour something the Magic Johnson and Magic's said one of those voice is of reason with the NBA may be a little different fan Oscar and that Kareem who both the throw-in ridiculous amounts a shade on staff a very contrasting opinion to those legends and we'll get what Magic said.