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Here's What You Should Consider About PS4 vs. Xbox One If You're Looking For 4K HDR Gaming

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Alex Wong
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And this is what fill spenser was talking about sony is saying four tea gaming but it's it's like ups e.l. the work he it's not native for care a current which is why early next box or project's scorpion is it true for kane and that's what they're talking about this it is going to be a big difference the pro is up scale also the pro doesn't have an offer each all true blue rate drive minute pretty x. box won asked so for people looking for that i think if you want to work a in for videos and stuff like that then you know for movie's you're gonna wanna get a mess sacks box one that's because you get the ultra blew were drive enough work if it he ethics if you're in their talk about physical diss they both clay four k. they both clay for cave video if your streaming and down the road and stuff like that right but if it's a did s.q. explic swann s. is anyone as for clay it forty eight player and it you're like we didn't aspire to not too it is a each d.r. witching gears in for to have the age d.r. which that ex walks one outs has capability of that so yeah that you know i be curious jason when you get the mass what that can get the see what those look like on that it.