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Listen: "Kevin Durant had missed seven straight shots down the stretch"

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Joe Robbins
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Can read socks playing here sports radio ninety-three point seven WEEI FM each DE one Boston your NBC Sports Radio update one of the Western Conference Finals in the NBA came down to the wire Kevin Durant had missed seven straight shots down the stretch but he finally came through in the clutch buffalo rocket right move up not they can put jumper we did not do one one one hundred Abdullah may hold the Thunder Radio Network OKC going into Oracle coming away with the win over The Warriors won only one oh two stealing home court advantage away from the defending champs Durant finished with twenty-six Russell Westbrook at twenty seventh number of now won three straight playoff games on the road to in San Antonio and one in open the Spurs and Warriors combined last three home games the entire regular season game two will be at Oracle on Wednesday Game one of the Eastern Conference finals is Tuesday night in Cleveland the Cavs who are undefeated so far this postseason hosting the Raptors elsewhere in the NBA the Portland Trailblazers have extended the contract of head coach Terry Stotts for three years NHL Stanley Cup playoffs the Eastern Conference Finals game to the Penguins and lightning skater him to overtime where Sid the kid came through.