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Listen: President Obama considers executive action on gun control today

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Alex Wong
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After being with us almost one day January for Gordon deal with Jennifer Cushing Kessel are top stories in headlines Chinese markets halted trading per the day after shares plunge dippy open major flooding problems continue vote parts of Illinois Missouri in Tennessee protesters occupy a wildlife refuge in Oregon President Obama considers executive action on gun control today Schumer electronic show begins today in Vegas be NFL playoffs er set after the Vikings beat the Packers last night and the flight attendance getting public praise that story in about twenty minutes or guns were not be only thing the president Obama plans to regulate with executive action in the New Year we could also expected here new rules from these securities exchange commission the food and drug administration and the Department of Labor as Libya wheeler that the hill reports the president is preparing to unleash eighty wave of new regulations in twenty sixteen Lydia what's up here President Obama is entering his final year in office andand this is his team in the store out number regulation that he started in the beginning of the administration term really secure his legacy on that he leaves office at the we have ever world number fine answer regulations I should take them coming out of the securities in exchange to mid-sixties Commission and I'm coming out of the consumer Financials protection beer and then we have been wrong on from the food and drug administration as well as some worker protection from the Department of Labor what were some of the highlights I would say that really low one in the mean rules and their watch for in twenty sixteen is this well from the securities in exchange commission it's called the paper performance Raul on it back take it keep me it's expected to be fine line and in the New Year an it'll force publicly traded company to disclose how much their top executive they're making and then compare those key checked with overall company perform and so they agency first proposed the ruling may and then they set themselves in October twenty sixteen deadline combined like the world so were hoping the he had this year are probably not until next Paul another big one is gonna come out of the Consumer Finance a protection be around and that have to deal with arbitration.