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Listen: "Strasburg will be the top pitcher available in free agency next winter"

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Rob Carr
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Weekend it was blamed on just a calf strain on a court last night second-ranked Kansas and local missed eight ninety four sixty seven over seven Virginia beat Vinci stayed seventy three fifty three Duke Indiana and Notre Dame back in the ATP Top twenty five this week Villanova remains number one one North Carolina among the biggest movers going from ninth to fans ages GAA Boris telling FOX Sports dot com he likely will not talk about a long-term deal for Stephen Strasburg with the Nationals until after the season the top pitcher available in free agency next winter you just signed a one-year ten point four million dollar deal to avoid arbitration and from the last night Dallas a three two win in OT in Nashville Pittsburgh a two one loss in a shootout in Florida Chicago seven Toronto to win the while the snapped their 'A' game losing streak in Bank over five two I mean trip greatest party in the sport's top galaxy with made DNA we're denied six until Tennies third on CBS Sports Radio.