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Try This Awesome Hack For Quick And Tasty Ravioli

Chefs from the Wine Cellar Dining Room talk about one way to put together quick and easy raviolis that taste like you didn't waste any effort in making them.

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"So easy to get and you can like... bam! I feel like makin' some raviolis."

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Neilson Barnard Marco Di Lauro
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You know one thing that we do on certain specialty dishes for the restaurant and for sure when we're in the Wine Cellar Dining Room, you know on many of the dinners that we have, you know a wine dinner, we'll take Won Ton sheets and make raviolis, it could be butternut squash or whatever, and that's another really elegant, the texture, the mouth feel, the lightness of it, it's lighter than any pasta that you could ever produce from a pasta machine. - And you can make jumbo raviolis really, so it's a readily made product, yeah, so easy to get and you can like... bam! I feel like makin' some raviolis and... - Just put 'em together. - Boom. Absolutely, it's really a sweet way to do it.