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What People Will Be Watching For In The Presidential Debate

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Tom Pennington
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A moment which really and you would never come again and some some experts deal ever i was series size you're guess what per cent of us who watched these debates are actually looking for something dramatic and not really a listening for policy because they are truly undecided about candidate gordon your question begs it there i need to be cynical but i don't think most people tune into the debates looking first nine points of policy from trump were one for one thing that's all that's been bed waited now serve for well over here websites in many ways demar second way is getting better for us people are looking for this this one on one match up now many people may be looking to insight into the candidate character which is spot in the teams that seems reasonable a certain number though are regarding in in the way that people would need in the conflict on the other the start just to see who's going to win what happens even who gets bloodied so take is back to seventy six them always this what was this moment that turn things it's important for two reasons.