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CTE: What Researchers Discovered When They Studied The Mayo Clinic's Brain Bank

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I guess the headline now is that there is more evidence a preposterous of evidence suggesting that C.T.E. can be develop, by playing Sports other than football, Ryan Jeremy Steven I decided that we really wanted to take a look at what if the state of the signed to that point, you know that, a lot of happen over the last decade obviously end and we've been talking to various focus on the way about this and at one point we were talking, I've got to watch a core Sharks who's won the leading officials with the I.I.H.F., he was talking about how to resurgence, really you losing sleep over it, and and I was called him breaking turned up a common, how much more common the prevalence of this seemed to be in general population, leased according to a new research so we started to look at talent, no number studies we look that the most notable one is out of the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Florida, what they did was they worked out their brain Bennett, and they basically study the brain Beck and try to figure out, if they could find who did play contact sports. And they were looking out and, those who had this Jenner duties called, C.T.E. and when they did there study a narrow down the less confound who played contact sports by looking at the bitch wary medical records, they end up fighting that third or the brains of Dan study, twenty wanted to sixty-six almost the third, how does he can earn the Jenner duties called cheap E.N. so you know that raised weeks to come, great concerned about the prevalence of thats not just a much Pro Football Players which often talk about is a gentle look at the General population and I think that was what startlingly dot for shots and others, more case, what what what he's our best, of all, the incident, of the prevalence of C.T.E. in the population at large,