Listen: "Peyton Manning might come back and play one more year"

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Ezra Shaw
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Number one's fortified click here in studio certainly Yahoo Sports Radio nine Houston radio to be honest with you guys I'm pretty selfish sports I think we all are just some experience here we all Warner teams do when we all want to particular players that we like to do particularly well but I'm not talking about that kind of selfishness that comes with the territory when you become a Sportsnet sometimes I want things for players just because I won you can't find a more bigger piece of evidence for me then the news of Peyton Manning might come back and play one more year has a sports fan and a selfish one at that this is something I hope is not true this is something I hope I don't see and yet I haven't really know no business wishing this because I would watch anybody to come in and wished for me to stop doing what I do or whatever it is that I do that because they just didn't want to deal with that Peyton Manning maybe come back and play one more year where who knows is it true I don't know I know a lot of people like to make some bones and my might drop a little hinder two we still haven't gotten any word from Peyton Manning about his desire to either play again for head into retirement but it's not as cleared caught as we thought it was released I thought it was a week ago Tyler I figured that Manning was really thinking about this but given it more of the courtesy thought in fact we asked last week what is taking so long I know it's a life decision but let's be honest it's not like it's wrong on that many doesn't know what to do with it it's not like I don't know how to fix my car I just got in an accident the whole season Peyton Manning could probably think about him talked to family members about what he was going to do when the season came to an end he spent most of it injured he spent most of if not all of it playing terrible you mean to tell me that just after the Super Bowl he's like way way although and I'm supposed to retire how late I had to hold on I'm it to think about this wow that's a big thing that is that's something you just can't think about overnight I have to go home and talked to my wife and my family about this I'd I I just don't alternate you hit me with that too soon always been thing about this for a while so I kept wondering what's taking sole on I mean if you're going to retire just retire they have the parade a couple of weeks ago you're all clear you don't have to worry about the getting in the way your being another story or taking away from the accomplishment and everyone was wondering about near that's all you can actually come.