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Trump Promises To 'Hit Her Harder' In Next Debate

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Scott Olson
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I drink i with this will be closer than forty eight hours for certain broadcasting from west wins barbeque with blackstone in may's and the older now this is news talk five eighty one oh five nine fresno seventy five degrees that radio sitting at ten a clock i'm liz turn live in the kmj news around it's the morning after the big debate years correspondent howard aaron steen trump complained about the sound in an interview on fox news channel by had a problem with the microphone at the stick work i wonder was set up that went purpose clintons response aboard her campaign play manning and the lives of the mager about has not had a good night trump claimed victory but pundits said clinton won the night with her calm demeanor talks down america every chance he gets toxin such aaron dark turn as the next debate in saint louis next month i may hitter hotter takeaways i you know i really used up because any quarter to anybody feel it one steen cbs news the valley had it say on last night's first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump kmj's dominic mcandrew gives us snapshot of local opinion immediately following the events came jay hosted its own breakdown of everything that came up allen was one of the first call as she says trump lou wait in that way too much time defending has now you can tell you and i rate the feels trump laid down his guns and i wish he'd get more on the issues with the hutton son tation and all the things the moderates was bias against the gop nominee he asked have at least three eight got to questions that i can think of and then he kept ground but i'm on it when he tried answer but that's not it's the mixed presidential debate is set to take place sunday october ninth dominic mcandrew kmj.