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Hillary Clinton With Bon Jovi: We're Going To Be Living On A Prayer

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Spencer Platt
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It's election day by this time tomorrow we could be calling hillary clinton are donald trump are president elects while controlled the senate is at stake as well legalized pot jones minimum wage unpaid believe benefits of some of the issues that voters will decide at the state level later note what if it rains today find out which party according to researchers gets more the boat when there's inclement weather and pairings taking their kids to the polling places parents have always taken their kids with some tempo's with but not i mean if they don't have anybody get said but hey paul brown betting to really sure would help them learn certain kind of sort of things show and and now you can and will share specially with so much and i'm not city you know pen type thing but the good trying that they can take pick a well street journal reporter clarence very on the benefits of taking your kids devote she's here later in the our well after weapons seventeen months of campaigning here we are on election day twenty sixteen yesterday democrat hillary clinton then republican donald trump visited battleground states in a final effort to maximize turn out from their supporters misses what made four stops including one in raleigh north carolina with rucker bon jovi gonna be when an mr tilt visited five states on that final day of campaigning.