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'When You Get The Order To Fix Your Bayonet': WWII Vet Remembers The Ugliness Of War

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Keystone Hulton Archive Reg Speller
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we all period in one rifles the worst experience of course is so it it and close combat you get to order to fix your Bay and that's that is ugly business of course and and it is a we just don't talk about that and no one asked you to talk about anything you don't want to talk about but can you give us a sense for how frequent of an occurrence that was will that's pretty much show that sometime during the day every time, Richard Branson we took of those mountains just inch by inch with my foot you haven't objective that's Hillsdale at numbers, and for a certain they are you object it would be ill Number nine nine and you just Fletcher where the top of the deal that would always be colder attacks of course most artillery small weapons full automatic fire to try to drive you back off Seal you just sometimes good and income,