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WWII Vet On The Weekend Pass That Probably Saved His Life

Doug Justus talks about the weekend pass that changed his life, and probably saved it, when his unit was dispatched while he was on leave. The fate of his fellow soldiers remains a mystery.

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captain of the night should man Young strong now after which it kind of curve, one pick to going years on this every Friday night's prep last goal home to see my eye, I really, now we maybe going after it a day, nope, you can go win, I went and this time, I walk to that, he said blanketed like justice, he can't go see your parents, give me a pass, when Eva I ran out that game and I got on that, you know I've just got to got all the time, mom and dad and run back because I get home and that came back in Iran real because I was going to be late and Iran back on ran through that day at the Garden, Una Ren, everything was gone, Holocaust or rolled up you know it's never mind, what the heck, so the headquarters there, at them about as well, there are shipping out, I do well, where are the well there down on the docket so I'm just take off running down and their they aren't gloating all these Canucks taken until the dock shooter, Jeff model and light come out two minute ten at that I would think, I think it just in my captained but I've done it you know, he says he can't go I didn't wait yeah can't go I you know I'm here I don't know why you can't you're not coated so, they took off, media, so I stayed there by myself, I don't months I just played basketball everyday it's just that kind of stuff to kill my time, when the backed up by myself one day a dent was gone by more to me just which are out, can run the level throw there is little what do you do in all of that, I'm just hanging around here are going to cal one that should center somebody Cal, and that kind of stuff has no even worse came and will be hand, as I ended up community first effort three division exactly but I know everybody listening as saying well about those other guys, if you hadn't gone home to see your parents and you've been shipped out with that other Group where they go on what happened Tom lie, only sync, I can, they're a decoys, Verhei McIsaac on back to tell updates, it was all I know I looked and can identify and in this Stars and Stripes Night area just knew what happened to him what I heard and they went to Minella and did on no jump and now, I got a little honored, not just Tony about, in other boy I don't know how it but the answer to those mothers and fathers most of the players mother should comment, right knee letters say what happened to my somewhat have done this, I was at a talent last that but I think that that was their admission that when they've been kind of we're all that time you know what the you know is Calder ran out non we have no catches we had nothing have so I don't know, with that, court that well, the most you ever heard was that they jumped behind enemy lines in the Philippines yep ahead of the Lady atlantic's yeah you that systemically heard, if the case in as head you know I got now past a go see apparent I would've been there you have been killed in that job, line, I don't on your mind now dot my mind I wouldn't count because there was no survivors you know I'm sure some got captured but there was no survivors that I've ever heard this is a pretty small unit, that was probably down three one hundred guy,