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Listen: "How many balls would Cam Newton give away tonight to the kids"

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Matt Sullivan
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Also well in the middle of Sid's got and also of club that you out of the night amid balls with Cam Newton giveaway denied during his goal I want to thank under what if I told Joe put to Over Under at two and a half <silence> So yea and what was going to know because of pitching then from taking the under are all that I just forgot about what you know what you're Finals for the game rising last night easy center days that we love Kelowna again also had a that had an excellent eyes in that my prayers overall because that trade save of the night they have so I had a feeling that we're going to and how they led and twenty point seven they Kelowna pointed for his seventeenth a good friend a five five two one two four CBS I like that how many balls will Kim newly giveaway there is a proud but I saw Will the first kid they gets a ball from Cam Newton Beal boy or a girl So he said That's what that's we've come to miss these up in his country will but I think what will bet on any day means it's clearly obvious speaking I want some of the Presidential debate before coming to North Republican Presidents debate kicked we talk about legalizing him only incites other Nevada was Nevada hit to have all the fun what about the rest of us dammit which is going to have some farm alright a five five two one two four CBS will get more Colin isn't dumping date and So maybe my favor probably on the board that might get in trouble the losses but you know what roll the dice will go for Brady are going to make CBS portrayed how much of your life is on your computer what if you did you know file Spanish forever it happens to families and businesses everyday virus is Hekker is human error anything can happen that's why you need carbon I'd cloud backup carbon I'd automatically bats of photos music spreadsheets all kinds of finals and it makes it easy to restore the start a free trial today and carbon i dont come no credit card required is offer code sports to get to free bonus months if you decide to by Mets carbon I dot com offer code Sports old whether deafening your spirits get the game together for a weekend full of world-class Goff this spring and Myrtle Beach South Carolina with a four double flights from across the country it's never been easier to hit the links on over one hundred nationally acclaim courses unrivalled then quality and variety perhaps a budding said the state The with find your first vacation packages Myrtle Beach holiday dot com today Myrtle Beach where the world play How return of what's been Korean market in Prague after twenty years the Rams are coming home with California <silence> has made it official great bring Super Bowls sports is now Rams for L.A. win wants into a great history the loss <silence> whatever the job from the Bruins and Miles were miscue publicly dodgers and Corey Seager this is.