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Listen: "Forty million a year and he does the owners betting and nothing"

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Christian Petersen
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Forty million a year and he does the owners betting and nothing nothing he does is on the level nothing will point to see score over every owner Lee gonna get together and say wire with letting the sky scoreless over because see this everybody else likes it cost business is good those are the pitchers will still be the Cubs are they don't look at it that way they look at it I know I have to keep is gravy train run and and and by the way you need a guy with no sold you need walking Phoenix to do this job right so Do you think that the next guy is the devoid of all humanity you think you can find a guy like this it's like you don't Whitey Boucher you look at what he Bowdich if generally the guy the next guy and he's so claiming in the movie maybe Fleming was that got the next guy doesn't have the black heart that takes to rip mole was out of a young woman you know that's what it takes to be what he bolted to big Roger Goodell to look in the camera why you have to do that you have to pick your friend Robert Kraft you know out to the woodshed Spectrum and say Sorry I mean you didn't do anything they've made me do it but he other thirty was as part of the job I have to do this we're.