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Listen: "We had justice we had a justice department"

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Justin Sullivan
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So the fbi couldn't see them and why he believes jury e mails after a congressional subpoena that's after the subpoena can't this isn't before that's after this to pay to camp now the people who destroyed the mountains arroyo cleaning the fifth amendment in front of congress today this is far bigger and they far bigger scandals that watergate everyone's but with watergate we had justice we had a justice department that run after the people here is something that just nobody's ever seen anything like his knowledge what were witnessing is a first we've ever ever seen anything like this this is a scandal that threatened his national security and that involves and multimillion dollar pay for play scheme between secretary of state and your foundation whether it's certainly meadows purges ashes interact libya in syria or her fed years on the economy of which it's been disasters hillary clinton lacks the judgment temperament and moral character to lead his country.