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WWII Vet: 'I Always Felt Bad For The Civilians'

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how did you feel about the enemy it's hard to really a anybody I think it's very unfortunate I've done some writing about that the that that often wished that I could move or on the other side of the hill and shake there and get this thing over were as a bunch of foolishness that young form boys Germany and young farm Voice Of The United States had to go and kill each other the of the some not on one side and all these grand ideas about taking over the country when I think we need to do instead of training so many troops start trading some diplomats because most of these problems could be solved by diploma see if we had people intelligent not to do it and willing to do that because the other thing I feel so bad of both the warm is we destroyed so many beautiful old buildings and, i always felt story for the civilians you know the civilians women and children especially suffered more in the war, then the armed forces do we had a rough but can you imagine what the women and children in these villages, bond we would see women carrying a few personal positions and and their children crossing No Man's Land when you are purely one fly we find them trying to speak the situation is just tragic things go on during the war