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Listen: "DeMarcus Ware first time he he went to a Super Bowl 33 years old"

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Dustin Bradford
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Well even as it things thing you can hear the joy in his voice pretty neat and as a second-year player getting to see all of these other veterans and that is a locker room that he references Vonn Miller Emmanuel Sanders to Mary's Thomas DeMarcus Ware Peyton Manning now when I tell you and when you hear heard read that these guys really we're playing for Peyton wanting to get a second ring saying they would DeMarcus Ware first time he he went to a Super Bowl thirty three years old wanting these guys to have that ring as a real what they played for that's what Von Miller is that he played for the entire postseason also but it with interesting to hear what he said about how they felt like they were in these clutch situations all year long any referenced a couple of games earlier in the season where the defense was continually put on the spot something to be said for that experience being battled has said understanding that the pressure falls on Yeo and when you rise to the occasion time after time after time you have that confidence can you clearance smiling the entire time ease talking to life at all times I'm not sure his wife would agree that it was the greatest experience ever being a dad a neck to the Super Bowl he said I know he didn't mean it that way so huge thing stick or huge thanks to my friend Kelly Masters Series his agent and got to be at the Super Bowl too pretty cool if you miss that conversation ARI one listen to it again share with your friends and will be part about where week they morning podcast we podcast all four hours of the show for you and and that that White family with inside for Gurley from the league's to our podcast have a lot radio is where you can buy me on Twitter and once we get through the top of the our I will hear more of the players who are might DH up during the Super Bowl from inside the end of fallen Showtime also what we you take away from the two thousand fifteen NFL's season does this settling confetti is being cleaned up to be ripple effects for a while but we news story lines off the field but after five months of football what we remember signed up to be no rewards member today and start earning instantly of rewards members earn five dollars back for everyone fifty they spend its best easy free only know rally alum part to discover detail that's O Reilly all parts better part better Price's every day it's after hours with a new Lawrence already on CBS Sports Radio.