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Debate Night: 'Why Won't He Release His Tax Returns?' Clinton Asks Of Trump

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Scott Eisen
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I will release my tax returns and that's against my lawyers they say don't do it i will tell you there's no attract watching those jenner reading the papers that almost every loehr says you don't release he returns until the what's complaint when he noticed a played i'll do it but i would go against them if she releases it's not like i'm sure but no letter released him why did you don't late thirty three thousand we just admonished the audience one more time there as an agreement we did ask you to be simon so would be helpful for us secretary fun well i think you've just saying that another example of bait and swear chair and for forty years everyone running for president has released their tax returns you can go nc nearly adding thirty nine forty years of our tax returns but everyone has done it we know the irs is made clear there is no prohibition i'm releasing it when year under odd save got ask yourself why long he releases tax returns and i think there are maybe a couple of reasons first maybe is not as rich as a says the habs sack and maybe is not as charitable as he claims to be target we don't know all of his business dealings but we have been told to investigative reporting that yeah was about six hundred and fifty million dollars to wall street and foreign banks.