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Listen: "He's not the best basketball player on Earth I think some people think that"

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Thearon W. Henderson
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Curtis gets nervous and he doesn't on articulate things when he's nervous and then you can turn to combat Adam for not particularly good things right now played our time site I can help that I love the guy played him too and I think it Curtis account would love to stab Curtis right right the ninth I'm confronted dialogue to this city on sports radio WEEI and it was often are tied with year six what Semin seven seven nine seven ninety-three seven Texas three seven that he threw seven make won it is that it's a go ahead women hand Tomic won quick NBA point no has been the my head before we get to the Patriots free agency yeah but you don't want to I'm have no I'd love to come down time here there's lots of talk about Curry who was having a season for the ages he's going to win the MVP but he's not the best basketball player on Earth I think some people think that that's right so my would ever even Ben Simmons Simmons is going to Hall Of Fame gets I think it's a second for the self the best players not LeBron James best player is Westbrook is the best basketball player on Earth that he can be at his best this and especially sheer he's averaging twenty-four.