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Listen: to these shootings mean really what was very quick to put out a statement

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Joe Raedle
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To these shootings mean really what was very quick to put out a statement that said he was immediately wondering thing we training of police officers in terms of how they handle situations going with somebody who's mentally troubled which which could be very dangerous and and and difficult for for the police but yes it it it comes a hard time pushing so these certain too it's a very we said to be conversation it's happening there an certainly tensions along with this is not going so it is well documented that the US Justice Department has launched and sweeping proven at the departments used to force an treatment minorities how does this incident or incidents over the weekend play in the that Peru I love the for sure the department is justice's own a look at that incident as they as they examined we should have a police department and how they respond to calls and he said force involving minorities and I should you know it it some level and so is the the States the bail if you will on in terms of precisely what the Justice Department is gonna be focusing on so I had no doubt that when the reporters funny issued once they find their recommendations this case and additionally Quan McDonald case will will will be highlighted problem damn thank you Wall Street Journal reporter day and fresh within update only Chicago police department it is now twenty minutes after thee our now here's Jenner butI should've here with more of America's first new Jennifer good morning good morning grew storm and what whether over the last several weeks fellow by storms abroad Adel you show of rain in recent days says produced a severe threaten.