Medical Marijuana Clinical Trials: A Military Veteran's Candid Confession

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a local doctors doing some interesting research we give more from Parker Collins is near Flamingos are Ville with that story it up the curious ups already advertising over here on Flamingos their medical marijuana spent three they are right over here ex you get a first look inside a lot of things there we gotta see we gotta see pipes it edible different kind the make sensory it's very interesting stuff but we also learn about some research that they're doing helped marijuana will affect paper chemotherapy patients in pain any better and imagine just met a veteran who is affected by this first-hand. They made a say it's my wife people need to understand that this is a many say it's not something that we made it sound you'll meet their open to see results from these clinical trials unless they year my wife and I we lost out child West outdoor ta many years ago an she is out inspiration to do this as Brian make Mullen who court dates wanna be sane ball tricks foundations in Southern about UC tomorrow for the ten years tenth year in a row make Marlon's Irish