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Man Eats Light Bulb On Live Radio

Todd Robins eats a light bulb during an interview on the Art Bell show. Todd Robins is a performer based in New York City. Todd specializes in offbeat amusements, intriguing deceptions and arcane forms of popular entertainment. Todd currently hosts the TV show "True Nightmares" on the Discovery channel.

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"It's hard to get it all down in one swallow"

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Shall we? - Eat. - Okay, you can hear the , there's the metal part and here we go. - Oh. - Mhm - My favorite part. - Don't put yourself in any danger by talking. - And this is the most dangerous part, I'm going to wash all this down with New York city water, here it goes. - What's that? - All gone, there you go Art. - Alright so, you washed it down, you said with New York city water ha ha ha, funny dangerous and and then I heard another crunch. - Yeah because you know it's hard to get it all down in one swallow, I was pretty fast and everything but I still got a few pieces in the teeth there, so there you go.