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Songwriter Shelly Peiken On Growing Older In A Younger World

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Tally I get one read and you must feel like yeah right EN little behind the scenes and everything out I don't think people realized why you know how complicated it is and yet how easy it is for some people because I think everybody things I know I can brightest on and then to be prolific and do it over and over again in make it such a part of your life but it wasn't your first I mean it sounds like you are much more into fashion again I just like grew up loving top Suns I was used to pop junkie but I thought that whatever I heard on the radio it was written by the person that saying it it now and I didn't grow up in Hollywood I grew up on Long Island and it was an Entertainment community I think young kids here were my daughter grew up Hahn big grow up while around it in him all the kids are writing Suns yet I never met a nicer to different time was a different time Emmy nowadays you can right assignment put yourself with your eye you know you're right on on new to resolve years now so it's very very different I love that you get we have that was on the shelf an option on Collins talked about personal life was like a movie and you are like one song after that that way and it's like so cool because they're the songs that are set Semin on moment so there's my stories that she wrote a beautiful but to ice I reading a little Shout Out very funny writer yet yeah I I wanted to right a book about all different situations and SI continued writing it I realized that it's not just a collection this session in this happen in that happened but there was an emotional art there because I've been doing this professionally for so many years and I hit a point in my life that I thought what do i do if I don't do this anymore the businesses so youth oriented and from different now yeah and it was I having as much fun could I could I still right from the same place or it was like trying too right about what a fifteen year old crew was feeling it was that as satisfying to me it wasn't I couldn't blame anybody who was young I got to be on its nobody's fault right it's just common a different place in my life and I wanted to explore that with humor.