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Listen: "I guess that could change if Curry comes back too soon"

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Jason Miller
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You think you're sports Tierney and Sweden fun again exuding to overtime with reactions did all days events highlights analysis it takes he's over like the cat yards the cavaliers chance to win the NBA Finals based on the way they're playing is it jest because they're playing the bad Eastern Conference or did we actually like the way that they're playing right now and we think that they have a shot against whoever comes out of the West mate personally I've always felt that I wake whichever team comes out of the West Spurs The Warriors that's where I'm going for the NBA title so I think the Cavs have a shot yeah I think they'll win a couple of games I don't think the winning four of seven the Cubs the updated odds to win the NBA title your favorite still the Golden State Warriors they still feel that will step and Kerr is going to come back I guess that could change if Curry comes back too soon for me injury in and something unforeseen happens but for right now you feel like his injury is not that serious but we backing Game three or Game four and then he'll be ready to go for the Western Conference Finals the Spurs are your second favorite despite that outgained two losses they are still your second favorite two in the NBA title and then the Cleveland Cavaliers their third favorite followed by The Oklahoma City Thunder as you or fourth favor ignore the team to put your money on you wanna long shot you wanna nice long shot do this I'm still win the Eastern Conference the Miami Heat at twelve to one that sure longshot that because in the West there's no pierna pitting anybody else was I just personal Warriors so there's no return there and the east no return if you but the Caps but the eight they get by the Raptors maybe they can get by the Coyotes that that's that would be something worth rooting for we'll twelve to one action now it's no Lester City It's not five thousand one but twelve to once pretty decent outs the key to win the NBA Finals spending that's never going to happen.