Listen: "They shot four thirty from downtown, Steph Curry eighteen points for the Warriors"

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Shane Bevel
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Now to The NBA with the Lakers prefer Warriors won twelve ninety five Golden State dropping to fifty-five in six on the season a shot four of thirty from downtown Steph Curry eighteen points for the Warriors are the champs just didn't have a good day didn't have much to start the game or whatever reason they they play this is a very aggressive excuse for you Jordan Clarkson led Elway with twenty-five points elsewhere an via the Thunder all over the box one oh four ninety six earned one oh nine Grizzlies one hundred Heat over the Sixers one oh for a ninety eight pistons beat the Blazers point twenty-three one oh three in overtime Nuggets won sixteen hours from fourteen the Rockets over the Raptors one thirteen one oh seven college basketball Florida Gulf Coast won the Atlantic spent time on approaching their ticket to be answered away turned repeating starts in overtime eighty seventy eight Missouri Valley to northern are what they beat Evansville fifty six fifty four the big shout and see as fell top winter up seventy seven sixty eight in the MHL will start in New York where they are owners are Rangers were trotted for away in the Fern everybody jumping in a little too early tonight to face a fifty point that shooting all kid tickets.