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Listen: "You broke it, you bought it. If people want to embrace Donald Trump, go with god"

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Darren McCollester
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Lites and in his talking about TI I won and that litter soldiers to kill the you know and have relatives of Paris what I've and that would've them to commit work crimes that people are applauding what I'm sorry I don't want to be part of that distill it was good to know that makes a call look inside some people don't like it in enemy Hyde are standing argument is where you're helping Hillary Clinton get elected well I had look you broke it you bought it if people want to embrace Donald Trump go with got but it's going to be an electric oral disaster number one and number two I'm sorry I do not want I get in enough trouble with the positions I take myself positions and I believe in I do not want to go down the tube is trying to defend the in defensible this is this is happened before you know it's it's interesting it happened during the Clinton years it happened locally with some politicians where if it's a politician that you know it's is one of your party well then what you do issue decided it's Ok some of the things that they do our are Ok and we're going to look the other way when said he's double standard I'm sorry I don't I don't want to double standard we continue the conversation two minutes and again if you want to see what I think jumping on the Trump trainers like got up at WTMJ dot com across Wisconsin happy dawns there's the kneeing our states praises because we understand that dogs are important members of the family so make sure you're vacation Plans include Fido scruffy start he and any other dogs that might be a party your family you'll discover Pat friendly beaches spots and accommodations and they'll thank you for it yeah just like that his confidence when you're having fun we're having fun this is the.