Listen: "Deion Sanders on the boat with Pacman Jones during hard knocks"

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Photo Credits : (GettyImages)
Christian Petersen
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Was get Oh what do you think about Adam Pacman Jones potentially being a Cowboy now we it was one briefly and right now the babysitting service will now is that great seen from have talked about this for the last time he was there and the hole Deion Sanders on the boat with Pacman Jones during hard knock it and the two of them are fishing it's one of the greatest thing I've ever so that is out of a little thinking about began their flourishing Deion Sanders is you know he's trying to get Pacman Jones on the right path because I'm sure Jerry Jones probably told reunites with Deion does Jerry Jones for help now and Dan goes he told the good that Gregor .na not yet you know traded top Doom all right it's it's it's like the greatest thing.