Listen: "Tampa Bay has gone to the well numerous times"

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Mitchell Layton
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Goal but it wasn't enough Pittsburgh needed to do more in the game to lose home ice advantage that quickly under those circumstances we can't be happy with how that turned out is Mike offered throw hockey Doc dichotomy solemn on NBC as well it's the Bush leagues it is NBC Sports Radio NBC Sports Radio dot com in the NBC Sports Radio app now it's one game I want to get ahead of myself stuff but there were seventeen dice that were scratched for Tampa Bay seventeen to five for Pittsburgh going tell me that the hockey is not a tough sport missed time year that these guys are doubled Triple A and Morning with did seem all year the fact that they can just keep region where they held a reload from yeah they got real they've been to got me and so their Minor League team the Syracuse Crunch of knocked out of the HL playoff but they brought all these guys up out of the desert black is the guy to just travel with the team in the event of an injury but recap of a had gone to the well numerous times with their Minor League team on the Czechs were Jon Cooper came from he coached him as a Minor League affiliate and then made the bump up a couple years ago and it done a fantastic job and they pride themselves from being able to groom guys and it makes the regret here with the defense Jonathan Drew and the number three overall pick in twenty thirteen down to the HL for some grooming even like getting your quest to trade in the battle for a while and now you look at it in eased back and he's a very productive member this game eight order goal tonight it you know the insurance marker the third goal of tonight so this is it if you steps only comfortable bringing guys up because we got that from earlier he was how they play their style sort of mirror one another and you know he five men there's been GM Julien Brees by do a really good job identifying need Dedmon making sure that when they stepped up to the NHL level they're ready to go felt yeah that's enough reason why the injuries haven't exactly killed them that always down to guide to step up and allow again be an NFL few where they have that next man up philosophy not care for they've really done not that you're going a lot injury problems but they've managed to stay afloat now if you mentioned it I came one winners in the Eastern Conference Final you know I'm gonna let you go ahead and pile on or maybe not descending the Washington Capitals that seemed it's there like The Oklahoma City Thunder every year talented just can't seem to get it done on people like a layoff Alex Ovechkin other people are saying while true leaders like Michael Jordan or get.