USS Iowa: History And Facts You May Not Know

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Kevork Djansezian
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about some all history what we found out recently daylight isn't just loves history and loves the sure so we won and I was going only was you know to yeah poets can you know I just keep getting donations from a different people need and there's just little Colonel so destination the can the surface for example and this is kind of a small side note in another used to be two cannibals back out now for the flow planes unsecured three slow plan synonymous conditioning turn world work so that and I got a photograph from the nineteen forty seven loaded remove the starter accountable was only operating with support capital in not a big huge deal but just kind of an interesting side note and then she was only carry into flow planes out just small little to it's like the surface to rewrite or understand I was history go is taking place and we're the set and of course the one thing you really want to try and find as you possibly can is is the elevator last out I Dellinger that's one one was back on the show i right you know I don't know where they might be well at least like to know how they were meter how the operated that we do have the photograph like told about that before we finally located one photographs of the national our guys that he is in a man you can see the to elevator Sasse that there at the exterior of the super structure and started side yeah that allow President Roosevelt's travelling between some of the DAX not on the Texas infrastructure yeah the course about the story means trough the famous presidential about the salute me about the money well actually there are there are we found some some new interim and lower the Mississippi i other sent out all kinds of them are in the farm it's you know content Trese like oh giving me but at least we can say is probably the only the other ever installed import to worship for President they got some i like to say in our received a simple game Rye idea hell zero thing but writing right is the mocha we as we have information will right what do right that actually has been kind of urban notes like this on the sideways from the guns fire yes on some eyes Cannery seat in that yeah here Director of the another ship listener sideways when they the law when I'm barrels of a sixteen right Ansari when things yeah it's also youwill there's lot of pictures us a lot illusion of than last ways put on water out and then the guns recall oil almost four seats they say forty seven insisted the and