Listen: "TJ Yates is going to be a viable quarterback before the year's over"

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Dustin Bradford
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Home overpaid for Berman The Broncos what from ecstasy agony below TJ Yates is going to be a viable quarterback before the year is over even though you get the injured and the further for whom vibes from maybe the broken or if the brand or for the season when you're doing him into the mix then for potentially guys that are available yeah and and the Cleveland will not trade anybody Olt learn the Bengals will not make that trade because there are Conference rivals in all been that's just like why would you give somebody potential the beat you pitcher or you know well if you're willing to part with them you're probably not all that worried about him beating New but I was still stick to best why would The Bangles let him go every team needs a backup he's cheek he's still in his rookie contract why would they let him go unless someone is really some team is really willing to overpay but I just I mean I don't feel that and that the Giants really overpaid for Vernon because he you have to look at what his production two and away were you know.