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Listen: "With a Republican controlled Senate and a Democrat in the White House"

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So the Scully a thing going into this a little bit will be back to the phones a second and eventually is Supreme Court Justice should died at age seventy nine over the weekend and it his left a obviously it's hard to see bacon on the Supreme Court and it's led to a whole lot of political rank or but I mean this is the Era in which we live in its election year so and taken within you should expect it it in the fact of the matter is what we don't know what's going to happen there's a lot of time between now and the elections and comparatively speaking everyone you'd when you compare it to what has to be done to nominate and confirms Supreme Court Justice that usually doesn't take very much time sometimes it does sometimes or are tougher than others and you can expect with a Republican controlled Senate and a Democratic the White House was especially going into an election year if anything happens at all it's going to be rank to say nobody can get confirmed it but it's going to be a tough process so the fact of the matter is that of up until this point no body on either side as advocated doing anything illegal said not going to nominate somebody I'll figure it out and will come up with a nominee and a couple of members of the Senate Mitch McConnell who runs the joint at the moment In one of them as said no are not going to confirm anybody we're going to stand in the way and delayed away delay and a bunch of the Republican presidential candidates who would really like to have the opportunity to nominate Scully is replacement have also said the same thing he shouldn't nominate anybody we should delay the actual blah blah blah but it's fine for them to say that you know and it's fined for the Senate if it chooses to to delay not confirm anybody it again Folau find in the sense that it's perfectly legal they of they're not under any time clock they're not in there any obligation.