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How Should The Gay Community Deal With Body Image Issues and Eating Disorders?

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as help those I see every every day with my clients it's body image issues on very problem with women gay and the answer a but more importantly it's very much higher in the KQED that is something forty but really five percent of men have eating disorders but with the group was lead over half our again and do you know why I can sort of no but why is that the gay men are so hung up with perfection when it comes to this is to issues ago with this no one gets not well studied it's kind anecdotal first of all the same that happens for straight women in our society new and idealized of the partners So for straight men it's idealized woman It's but in the gay world we're looking at other men so we ideal ice we want to be in alive and we have that were raised as men sometimes to seek out the perfect made and then also in our community was sexualize whether you just once a hyper sexualize of sexual freedom them also sexualize the body so we have an ideal sexual idea what will want in the partners well that both translate and translates into body pressures on ourselves and on those weekday Because off and you also see a community where you'll see someone who's not in great shape but they're getting a really hyper in shape person because once again they're seeking that in their partner right yeah I mean that has earned and so I think the the major problem with this is that how do you deal with that body image and so when we have that she we haven't depression we had a difficulty coming now we don't do we have a comedian can rallying behind us we can go to very negative things is the one thing we found is that with the eating disorders this book of before on their much higher with game and And also a new actually I'd posted this really about you know give us the stories in young guy I've known for eighteen years really guys act together but he had a very big issue and he was coming out because the younger guys he was getting really kind of gave him a shame so he was he as many given to resort to drugs and on not eating and very now news and in some respects come self-deprecating yeah like it's like it's a before we health being overweight is a health issue And in a committee we should be bring that some public around at a bar you shouldn't turned your friend well you're getting better and say its use of these that's not friendly that's not helpful now if you have a friend who wants help with we help them get that help because we've often happens in a community people do this on the around the bleep increase recently Mia game and dark and a wreck see trying to register people come into our you become calories but they don't news wait unhealthy way so actually they're losing weight can be now nurse at which in the long term is more unhealthy even keeping await on a So we want people to be healthy but would do it the wrong way