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Listen: "United States economy seems to be chugging along at a anemic 2% GDP"

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Scott Olson
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United States economy seems to be chugging along at a anemic to present TD p a household and comes are down workplace participation is down the stock market seems to be trending down and that that has been stimulating are accounted for the past decade and this is what we had to show for it could you prioritize three actions that you believe we must take as a nation to turn that is economic ship around the first of all I mean just address the Fed issue Douglas that but that's not the feds job to stimulate the economy the Fed is essential Bank it is not some sort of over lowered of the economy they're not some sort of special Jedd I Counsell the can decide the best things for us but that is essential Bank their job is to provide stable currency and I believe they should operate on a rules basis where we have a very simple rule the determines when interest rates go up an industry to go down today it's like a magic eight ball we don't know when they're going to raise inches rates in it creates an incredible amount of uncertainty in the marketplace your question goes to the core something deeper numb to get the three points we are living through a massive and rapid economic transformation.