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Listen: "Unbelievable game by Anthony Davis and the confidence that he's exuding there as you hear"

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Andy Lyons
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He is now in then I mean rarefied air the area so fan where he is that very few stay and without losing their breath Davis Jrue Holiday the sleeves that pops Ali has with a free ball so I won't rise Qualls who in my mouth a lot of for just the way really lucked he noted the rumors really i'm excited to put up Luongo when they know what you'd like they've ball Tom's in trying to try to groom goal that's also tonight unbelievable game by Anthony Davis and the competent that he's exuding there is you hear now the Shawn Kelley highlight on the Pelicans Radio Network with his second triple of the game that put him at fifty five he finished with a franchise record fifty nine twenty rebounds have told everybody get out of his way and watch him work that's the goal being about the and be a is that any of these guys can go often any point like this we just had Doug McDermott with thirty points he was is known for the Bulls on Friday night but Davis took thirty four shot the hit twenty four but he was also nine of ten from the charity stripe and when I say rarefied air the only two players who are in the same categories him at least fifty five and twenty boards to go along with was in these names Shack and Wilt and no Anthony Davis Wells ers it's after hours with a new Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio.