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Listen: Not the same situation with the Clippers but I will say this

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You and walked not the same situation with the Clippers but I will say this if you're watching the Clippers play now they're playing the best basketball of the year end don't say it's because they're not playing good teams they won four teams they beat four teams on the road consecutive These are teams Washington was one of those teams I believe a playoff team I mean you can't sugar coat this and you have to be honest with what you see the Clippers are playing better basketball then they war with Blake Griffin in the lineup there it's just flat out a fact now what that being set in my senate Blake Griffin is not a great player no I'm not what I'm saying is that Blake Griffin is is in the top five power forwards in the league agreed could agree with that okay he's not a top 5 NBA player no but but he's so he's 6 10 these twenty-two years old he's got a shot some off that he rebounds he is relentless season he's like and ever ready battery type the player he never stops playing that's what I love about Blake Griffin but what if I was a Clippers right now I would seriously entertain finding out what's available for Blake Griffin in a trade you never know what somebody is going to give up but we do know one thing the Clippers airplane better basketball is eighteen they have played the way I wanna see how they can sustain that five games is different then thirty forty fifty eighty and then in the playoffs when everything is turned up a notch if you're saying you know have Blake Griffin people will play you differently and obviously the wear and tear on players who aren't starting for a reason or who come off the bench for a reason so yes there Doc Rivers credit for the guys that I think some people question that's even Josh Smith we still little where he's he's the year again things but for making the most of the situation and then then that's part of the attitude of it where they something goes wrong we don't of Blake Griffin for a couple weeks the skies now following let's just get get together figure out mix and match over We have to do it week but well here's Mike if you're gonna offer Blake Griffin first well I'm not big on trading you know it is especially draft picks were the future I want the proven player and you're lucky enough for to have a guy in his prime like Blake Griffin I like she maybe a little more decent Sano I'm not picking on but what what would you what would you get in return McKenna play versus thing the Chris you know this and bring an end an NBA and involved in pro sports you're whole life you never know what somebody is going to begin for the latest what's out there that you would want that's better the boy Griffin there so I mean you're not gonna get LeBron James okay but let me just say this Chris alright Spurs are playing their winning games right now without Blake and end and this is not the first time a Tappet never they're not gonna hold up over the long hold the season and hold on what here's my point is that you don't know what somebody is gone offer and I don't care so who you're gonna get a player for for Blake Griffin Hoyer any player I like I won't the league don't you know right but my point is you don't know where you got if you're gonna propose something like this you gonna have somebody in mind of a player who if it's gonna be a couple of players or visit other superstar is a player who fits then so that as a soothes are caller met a very good point about Chris Paul is playing really good best will He's a play this way all the time well that's a product of of a couple of things a that's a good point I mean obviously he's exhausting a lot which is part of his job but he has to step up because Blake Griffin is not their He has two involved.