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Will The Government Pay For Long Term Care If You Need It?

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Christopher Furlong
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Fern older when route certified financial planner and that's all that dancing and this guy yeah i needed the pole that nods kid get out a are boys lindros certified financial planner as we talk about medical issues in the biggest concerns that most retire ease have has across the board you know we don't make this stuff up this is the real deal them or getting information from senses heroes labor statistics and you name it that there all come out the saint now a lot of people lan believing that the government is going to take care of us cradled with grave by the way and the government through the medic aide system will pay for our nursing home a care is that truly worries that not true that laughter so apropos india's and is just ludicrous to think that way being the government re individuals can't pony up more mind now for people to be in long term care then we already r seventy percent of the people and skilled nursing facilities today right our line while chair.