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Listen: "How would you write the entire Republican Party behind Donald Trump"

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Spencer Platt
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Are you are crazy and that that page I tried to take a seconds of in for minute I got a Athens money when US-born yard barrier a nice and has been planned really towns how does it has been minds for a week I'm going to do those yet I told him isn't year BB you're you're doing great of a lot of years and he's until he throws to tries to get through through so Horstman spent so we haven't heard but he's been his home run away now as then here's what I think used to Bowles also than area how would you write the entire Republican Party behind Donald Trump well you do that but I thirty down produced a foes to see him lies to all those other Monday we're going on some believe to kid cruised into looked man this political game Ryan had display what I had to say I had to do it as to your gives to took an opponent I couldn't take it youth you're just strong I had to be Q I didn't want to do it but I had to put it kids big you need to be my vice president you know me run this country in bring back and make America great again and he and noble third but he is bull Hall of his pride and say Ok and that's where we're goalie Trump and I think they're going to on him the arm but he you know I mean let me stop you there I think that's to far-fetched to you heard when one of ten that her I'm going out there I I know I I got a few things are going right event our little bitty gyro as the recently is real and then he went to be better going and and you did mired surprise too a rock just before the Rockies decided to do the big party ingredient elite Green Golden teardown the Walden La La La La but he's gonna be making to more trips now why is due doing this well this list remote his ability to be man that power in the situation know where you can run for president when you're regroup indicted then burning as a heart attack from rifling so let's hope we just gonna go down for Birdie will probably do the country go blah blah blah coach the Rocky will be announced to the vice president to candidate and then you and me can make a small fortune on your was two New Jersey in the news plus eight hundred human.